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Wadham & Isherwood Fairoaks Airport Industrial Estate

The Situation:

The client had recently taken over management of the industrial estate and inherited an untidy looking site that suffered from sporadic visits and a lack of self-monitoring, no validation of works and a lack of customer services.  The site had become overgrown and was in danger of putting of new tenants.

Our Approach:

Due to the close proximity of the works to the Airside Operations and the stored fuel at the site, it was imperative that only carefully screened staff were utilised.  We have always been blessed with a dedicated and long-serving workforce so we ensured the site went to a team that had worked with us for a while, were reference checked and had recent CRB checks (now DBS).

Once we had the go ahead from the client, we started planning how we would improve the site.  We’d been give the go ahead to start in August 2012 and the growing season was already very much underway.

We recycle all our green waste into mulching compost so decided to use as much as was needed to help suppress the established weeds in the beds at improve the site aesthetics.

We doubled up our staff for the first 6 visits and threw in some extra days at no charge to get the site under control.

There was a problem with Moss and Weeds across the estate so we ensured that all areas were treated by our PA1/PA6 trained operatives on the first visit and once the vegetation had been removed, we sprayed a residual solution to reduce re-growth.

Quality Control:

We carry out regular Quality assurance visits, where possible with the client, and provide the service delivery team with photographs and action plan for any improvements required.

Customer Service:

Inevitably there will be instances of dissatisfaction during the contract term.  We work hard to ensure that through a right first-time approach, meaningful quality control and training these are infrequent.  We have an open and honest approach to communications – we believe the customer is always right and ensure all parties are treated with dignity and respect.  We always welcome the opportunity to improve our services and value all feedback – positive or negative.

Whilst we want to analyse what’s gone wrong and why, it’s equally important to act quickly – fix first, worry later.

We ensure that Wadham & Isherwood have a named Customer Service Co-Ordinator who is there first port of call should any issues or queries arise.  All Communication is logged and recorded and responded to in person within 24 hours.

Management involvement:

Our Management team carry out regaulr quality inspections and joint inspections with the client.  We have carried out numerous additional projects at the site including Ditch Clearances, Tree Surgery and Landscaping Improvments.

One of competitors is based at the site; we understand they have been keen to be appointed to carry out the works.  However, by delivering a consistent and customer focused service that meets or exceeds the speicification, we have been retained since 2012.

Evidencing Works:

At the end of each visit our team will take photographs of the works carried out.  These are embedded into an electrocnic work certificate, along with confirmation of works completed.  This is sent immediately to our Customer Services team on completiom.

The client is not based at the site so it’s essential that we provide feeback after our visits.  We will also report back any Health & Safety concerns, concerning trees, ASB, dumped cars etc.  We are their eyes and ears on the site and visit more frequently than the Property Manager.

Holiday and absence cover:

Holidays are planned in advance.  We work in small teams, each with a dedicated holiday cover operative.  This ensures continuity and a consistent service.  The Holiday Cover Opertive will have copies of the Map and Specification to work to and slots in seamlessly.

Project Details


August 2018


Wadham & Isherwood
Fairoaks Airport Industrial Estate




Woking, Surrey

Project Before Pictures

Project After A Few Visits